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Panamonte Inn and Spa in Boquete- A Travelers Delight

The historical Panamonte Inn is Boquete’s original hotel and a travelers delight with several major attractions including the best restaurant in town, gorgeous rooms, a stunning garden setting and a warm welcoming lounge. The hotels architecture is traditional country style a la Panama making for a truly authentic experience. All garden terrace rooms have recently been fully renovated in English country style . There is also a luxurious Honeymoon suite including a jacuzzi and fireplace.

All the Inn is arranged around a perfectly lovely large colorful country garden that will beckon you to take some sun and smell the flowers.

In a few months, 8 handsome brand new suites will be available each with its private garden patio in stone on the beautiful garden grounds.

Panamonte’s Lounge is by far the favorite Boquete night spot- beautifully designed it opens to the garden and has a large handsome fireplace and furnishings. You can now dine on the lounge patio. Great place to read a book, sip some wine, dine or be more social.

The spa offers a very wide variety of treatments by a very able staff.

The restaurant with a menu by Panama’s most famous chef, Charlie is the best restaurant in town and has long been a favorite for many. If you haven’t been by recently, make a visit because Charlie has a new 2009 menu. If this is your first time, we recommend their most famous dish- trout with almonds made with delectable fresh local trout . The house ceviche is a great appetizer and the Decadent Chocolate cake satafires the most discriminating chocolate lover including me.

In short, you haven’t been to Boquete unless you have been to the Panamonte and there are many reasons to go.

Panama’s Top Romantic Beach Getaways

In no special order because they are all so different:


Note: Our idea of a Romantic Getaway: Romance for us is to get totally away from it all  surrounded by pristine, beautiful nature, yet to have fine food and attentive service. Or to revel in the lap of total luxury at an exclusive authentically Panamanian beach  resort.  If the same appeals to you, then read on.

Coral Lodge

Coral Lodge on the Atlantic coast near the San Blas Islands-  in the middle of nowhere, yet the facilities are fine and  well appointed. We love the “water villas”- over- the-water villas- each with  a Jacuzzi in the bedroom and a private deck with a chaise lounge and chairs. You hear the waves lapping all day and you can jump in the ocean from the deck of your villa for a swim or just stay there all day feeling close to and embraced by nature. You don’t have to leave your villa and  be very happy. The dining room is beautifully done and  you can breakfast on an outside terrace with 365 ocean views. The food is another attraction-mostly famous Peruvian cuisine and excellent.

Start out with a picnic on an island to yourselves: We highly recommend you choose their “San Blas Island  picnic arrival”- after flying in to San Blas , you are taken by  boat to a beautiful tropical island you have to yourselves for a gourmet picnic lunch for two and snorkeling gear to explore. What a way to begin your vacation- It doesn’t get better than this!

Buenaventura Bristol Hotel- 1.5 hours from Panama City on the Pacific Coast

This is Panama´s most luxurious beach resort and the only one on our list you can drive to from Panama City. A Leading Hotel of the World, The Buenaventura Bristol has elegant rooms, 8 large villas with views of lakes, ocean and lush vegetation, pools and outdoor amenities. There are three fabulous restaurants with cuisine created by Cuquita Arias, Panama’s  most renowned chef.  This is a perfect romantic setting for honeymoons, weddings and anniversaries.

Punta Caracol- Bocas del Toro

Punta Caracol is on Boca’s main island situated in a place where you see no other sign of man. The view of their over-the-water cabins  set in the sea are so beautiful they were featured on the cover of  Travel and Leisure. The cabins look simple on the outside, but inside they are as luxurious as an eco-friendly lodging can be, with delightful design details and two stories.  From the deck, all you can see is ocean, mangroves and  mountains in the far distance. The snorkeling is good right from the cabins. The food is good and the dining is also in a outside terrace over the sea with 100% natural views.

Being in Bocas, you there are plenty of activities- you can boat over to take various excursions like diving and dolphin watching or for some  night life  and shopping in the fun, laid back  town of Bocas.


Hacienda del Mar- The Pearl Islands

Many regard the Pearl Islands as the most beautiful islands in Panama and Hacienda Del Mar is a private island resort perched on a bluff on one of these spectacular islands. The sands are white, the sea is a deep indescribable blue and area home to world class fishing and some great diving destinations.

We love their Club House on the bluff with its large common areas including the dining terrace with wide open ocean and jungle views. Each meal a tucan comes down from a tree and perches nearby or even jump on our table for some crumbs- to see and experience these gorgeous exotic birds close up is priceless. The pool below is picture perfect. The cabins are tastefully appointed, each with its own view deck  and made of bamboo so you feel comfortable yet close to nature


Calamia Boutique Hotel- Boca Chica, Chiriqui

Conveniently located in Chiriqui province, Calamia is a great beach escape for those who are also exploring the Chiriqui Highlands. In Boca Chica on the Chiriqui coast, 40 minutes from the airport and another 20 minutesby water taxi,  Calamia is a pristine paradise island with privatetwo beaches and nature all around. We loved the large bungalows – all of them have ocean views  and a good size  private terrace for private relaxing.  You can hear the ocean and also from time to time howler monkeys in the jungle nearby. The décor is rustic chique. The dining pavillion has almost 365 views and the food is good with fresh and natural ingredients. The owners live nearby on the island- some greens come from their organic garden. Spa and massage services are also part of the Calamia experience.


Make No Mistake! Boquete and Bocas are Now Open for Tourism Business

Both Boquete and Bocas have recovered from the recent heavy rains and are open and ready for your toursim business. Please find below a report from Bocas- you will see that Bocas is now ready to receive tourists.


Boquete is Ready for Tourists: I just spent 3 days in Boquete where I visited all the tourism areas.The road from David to Boquete is in perfect condition. The new bridge across the Caldera River is also in perfect shape. Everything in Boquete is gloriously green and fresh after all that rain. It is a great time to go now to both Boquete and Bocas.


Report: Bocas is Ready for Tourists

The Bocas Archipelago is relatively unscathed from recent weather calamities in our region. Compared to the Bocas Del Toro Provincia mainland, which suffered substantial damage, our living conditions remain in a normal status.

Today, the road is open. We are currently able to truck all commodities and, every 30-minutes, bus all travelers.

Our major problem is perception. Tourists, wishing to visit the Bocas Archipelago, have inaccurate information regarding our preparedness to accommodate them. News media are not differentiating between the Bocas Del Toro Provincia mainland and the Bocas Archipelago, leading to the erroneous belief that the Archipelago is in a disaster condition. That perception is very far for reality. As said, the only difficulty in the Archipelago has been temporary supply interruption.

Be assured, Bocas is open for business. Be informed, all hotels, restaurants, shops, water sports and eco activities are ready to serve guests.

There are no reported deaths or injuries on Isla Bocas or other archipelago islas caused by recent heavy rains.

Bocas Bomberos report no significant emergencies or damages from fire or flood.

We have piped water; while the system is being upgraded, water in some areas may be off for a few hours. We have electricity, with enough fuel to run the power plant for at least one month.

We have land line and cellular phone service, Internet connection, and cash in ATM’s.

We have ample propane gas in tanks. Gasoline for cars and motored boats is arriving at our two stations in frequency and quantities sufficient to serve our needs.

Stores are well stocked with fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, staple foods and bottled water. Supply may run low, depending on deliverability, but lately we have not run out of anything.

Our two water taxi services offer transit to/from Almirante every half-hour; service to Changuinola is suspended pending canal clearing.

Aeroperlas, AirPanama, NatureAir offer regular scheduled flights in/out in good weather. Service is meeting travelers’ needs. No passengers are stranded at our airport.

Our medicine supply is well stocked by Panama Health Ministry; other health aids are available at private pharmacies. Recently and now, there are no health hazards anywhere in Panama.

Just Visited Excellent Upscale Boutique Hotel in Boquete

Boutique Hotel
Palo Alto Boutique Hotel: Called “the finest accomodations in Boquete” by Frommers Guide. We recently stayed at this fine small hotel and found it to be an oasis of good taste and luxurious comfort. We also think their on-premise gourmet restaurant is fabulous.