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Hot Springs in Panama- A Healthy Bargain

It is nice to get a health treatment almost free. There are two hot springs that you can bathe in in Panama that cost next to nothing- one in Boquete and one in El Valle.  Our family just went for the firs time  to the hot springs near the small town of Rancho Caldera near Boquete. You need to drive in by car and a 4X4 will take you all the way- otherwise you will have to walk about 10 minutes. You just need to where a bathing suit under your clothes and bring your own towel to dry. The springs have 3 different baths of varying temperature.  You pay $2 to a person in a house.  Everything is rustic- the baths are just rock encircled pools with warm to hot water.  You can sit there for as long as you like. There is a lot of sulphur in the water as it has a tint of green. The bathroom is an outhouse.  But we felt marvelous after soaking from 10 to 30 minutes. The caretaker told me that a foreign scientist told him that “Panama does appreciate what it has in these springs”.

This hot spring property has been bought by a prominent Panamanian family who plan to build an exclusive spa.  So go now when the cost is next to nothing.

In El Valle, the hot springs are not very hot and the price is $1. Just ask anyone in town where they are. There are almost always some Europeans here- seems they appreciate hot springs more than Americans or Panamananians.  You can take a therapeutic  mud bath for a couple more dollars.

Spa and Alternative Health Services

The Haven Spa at Valle Escondido Resort and the Panamonte Hotel: This spa specializes in alternative health treatments. The Haven is a most welcome addition to our tourism offerings because baby boomers seek alternative health to stay well and get well. Now you can go to Boquete to both have a good time and improve your health. We have heard many anecdotes about people have been cured or helped by them- my own husband got rid of some knee arthritis by following one of their suggestions.