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New President Martinelli Welcomes American Retirees and Promises to Make Make Everything Easier

Sam Taliaferro, the owner Valle Escondido, Panama’s original resort community posted an important interview with an American retiree couple who were invited to converse  with  Panama’s new President Ricardo Martinelli when they ran into his group at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Panama City.  President Martinelli told this couple ” he wants to make it very easy for Americans to move here and to invest. He said he was planning on having meetings with ex-pats to see what their concerns are. He told us it was going to be easier to get residency, drivers license and he was going to make it safer.”

See the whole interview here:

We are also are hearing  that Pres. Martinelli is moving quickly on a number of fronts so that foreigners who invest and live in Panama will have less bureaucratic hassles with government in immigration and setting up businesses etc.  He will also improve security which is already excellent  compared to other countries in the region.  The police have been instructed to help foreigners in any way they can and not hassle them as has happened in the past.

In fact, in his inaugural address President Martinelli declared his goal to make “Panama the best place in the world to do business”. This man does not think small.  And he is proving as good as his word on his campaign promises.

Another Expat Party March 14th: A fun way to network, promote business and create jobs in Panama

EXPAT PARTY: A New Way of Business Networking, Creating Jobs and Marketing Companies in Panama!

Attracting new customers for your Panama business can be challenging. Two Panama City companies figured out a fun way to conduct business networking, create new jobs and market their companies by throwing a party for foreigners.

The Expat Party created a way to invite foreigners living in Panama to network and meet these two companies. Instead of a traditional “open house” at an office, these entrepreneurs decided to co-host parties at some of Panama’s most lively nightspots.

The Expat Party was created by professional model Ursula Kiener Ford (Owner of Forlacol Insurance Company) and Steve Houston (General Manager of Panama Real Estate Group) as a way to promote their companies to Expats.

The Expat Party now has a Yahoo Group called “PanamaExpatParty” which announces upcoming parties and exciting free raffle prizes.

The next Expat Party is Friday, March 14th with a St. Patrick’s Day theme Expat the ONE bar on Calle Uruguay & Calle 49 next to Don Blas restaurant and across the street from Peperconcini .Restaurant.Doors open at 8 p.m. Private Expat Party until 10 p.m. Free Entrance until 10 p.m. when the ONE normal cover charge takes effect and the doors open to the public.

Contact for additional information call:
Ursula Kiener Ford (office 214 – 6939 & cel. phone 6676 – 5151) and
Steve Houston (office 391 – 6648 & cel. phone 6670 – 7769)

The next Expat Party is on Friday, January 11th at the Sahara Bar off Calle Uruguay in the club district of Panama City beginning at 7:30 p.m. The party offers free admission, half price drinks and fabulous free raffle prizes including a free night for 2 at the 5 star Punta Brava hotel on Catalina Beach, plus a free 1-hour Salsa dance lesson by Nelly Gallardo Dance Studio and even spa treatments at the swanky Alta Vita Spa near the Multi Plaza Mall. A live rock & roll band will play at 10 p.m. (instead of the normal 1 a.m.) with free entrance for all partygoers.
Contact for additional information call:

Ursula Kiener Ford (office 214 – 6939 & cel. phone 6676 – 5151) and

Steve Houston (office 391 – 6648 & cel. phone 6670 – 7769