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Panama Hosts The Bachelor!

Monday February Panama j hosted The Bachelor, the popular  American “find- a wife- series.”   This was great opportunity for Panama to show off  the  modern city city of Panama  and a variety of nearby attractions.

Most of the program was in Panama City, the capital of Panama. The Bachelor,  and the girls stayed at the iconic Trump Ocean Club hotel- called the only 7 star hotel in Latin America. The rooms and social areas show in the various segments filmed showcased Trump’s the  sumptous , modern design.

For the dates, there was the visit to  Embera Indian jungle village just 1.5 hours from Panama City. The contestants dance with the colorful Indians, and got natural tatoos of rainforest dyes painted on their bodies. Right out the the pages of National Geographic.

Another date, was a  day  on an island in the San Blas Islands, idyllic mostly uninhabited islands in Panama’s Caribbean called by Lonely Planet the most beautiful in the world

Other dates took place in Panama’s historic sector – Casco Viejo- a neighborhood with  many beautifully restored buildings and a lively nightlife scene.  The dates were dinners on the terraces of several restaurants and some salsa dancing at the famous Havana night club.

This seems to be Panama’s moment- the NY Times just called Panama City “the number one place to visit in 2012” – The Bachelor program is one more feather in Panama hat.

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