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Panama- Now the Most Connected Country in the Region-Flights to 59 Destinations in 28 Countries

Thanks largely to Panama’s phenomenal Copa Airlines, Panama is now the most connected country in the Caribbean and in all Latin America- with 59 direct flights from its Tocumen International Airport to 28 countries. The most recent country is Canada with direct  Copa flights to Toronto.

Panama is called the Hub of the America’s and indeed it is in terms of flights. But not only flights- Panama has replaced Miami as the preferred business hub for both meetings and shopping for the Caribbean and Latin America. Panama, whose GNP  grew at nearly 10& in 2011, is  benefiting as the  logistical center of the  faster growing emerging markets economies in the region.

Copa Airlines is building another terminal at Tocumen at the cost of 100 million dollars in anticipation of continuing growth in both Panama and the region. In 2012, Tocumen is expected to have direct flights to 65 destinations and in 2013, 70.

The Free Trade Agreement just passed will be implemented within a year and will attract an estimated 30% increase in American companies setting up in Panama for business.