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New : Young Expats in Panama Group

YEP- Young Expats in Panama

Under 40 expats are a growing demographic in Panama.  Now they have their own expat club: YEP or Young Expats in Panama,

Founded by Skyler Raiston, the group organizes a fun variety of social activities for the growing demographic of younger expats. Activities include beach trips, poker games and parties at local night spots.

Panama’s Amazing Pirate History: Henry Morgan’s 300 Year Old Ship Found

“The pirate ship of Captain Morgan – yes, the pirate whose name is used for a popular brand of rum – has finally been found, more than 300 years after it sank off the coast of Panama.

In 1671, Henry Morgan lost five ships – including the Satisfaction, his main ship – near the Lajas Reef. But the precise location of the wrecks has long been a mystery. It’s believed that a team of US explorers might be able to locate and remove some unopened chests on the wreck. However, the odds of there being some particularly rare rum onboard might be low.

Henry Morgan made his name in the Caribbean, where he mainly spent his time raiding Spanish settlements, unofficially acting on behalf of the British. The Satisfaction was lost when Morgan attacked Panama City, hoping to strike a crucial blow against Spanish influence in the region. His plan was successful, although the loss of five ships was a severe blow to Morgan’s career.