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You can now fly from the US to David or Bocas del Toro via Panama City in One Day

Aereoperlas now offers flights to David, the entry point for Chiriqui Province and to the popular island destination Bocas del Toro directly from Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport. Until now anyone going to these destinations had to stay the night in Panama City and fly out the next day.

The flights leave Tocumen International in the afternoon. You can book these flights when booking on all the major airlines- American, Delta, Continental and Copa, airline websites and your travel agent.

Panama’s economy A Singapore for Central America? Article from The Economist

 Check out this excellent article about Panama by Europe’s top English business publication- The Economist.

In a nutshell- Panama has great potential but also possible pitfalls ahead.

“Latin America’s fastest-growing country has set its sights high. First it needs a government as impressive as its economy”‘

Two New Beach Hotels Announced- A Marriot in Panama’s Riviera and and another Decameron Near Colon

The Marriot Hotels will build a beach resort hotel in Panama’s Riviera-  an easy distance from Panama City- just 1.5 hours on a 4 lane highway. The resort will be built within a new resort community called Casamar, by the Corzione group developers. There are already 3 major beach resorts nearby which are doing well as Panama continues to grow as the business hub of the Americas.

At the same time, news leaked that Panama’s first and most successful all-inclusive beach resort, Decameron- also in Panama’s Riviera, will build another beach resort on Panama’s Atlantic/Caribbean coast near Nombre de Dios.

President Martinelli promised to fund the 22 mile access road needed. The Colon area has a high rate of unemployment so this investment is good news for the locals.

Panama’s coast near Colon featuring white sand and aqua Caribbean waters, is one of the most beautiful beach areas in Panama.  The Decameron will be the first major beach hotel in the on Panama’s Caribbean.  The Melia chain has a large hotel just outside the city of Colon.

Trump Ocean Club Opens: One of the Tallest Buildings in Latin America

Donald Trump came to Panama  to open his Trump Ocean Club, a 70 story building , the tallest building in Panama and one of the tallest in Latin America. It is also Trump’s first project in Latin America.

Trump Ocean Club reflects ‘the modern sensibility of the new generation of luxury travel’, according to the promoters. It included condos as well as a hotel with rooms at $300.00 a night.

Hotel guests and condo owners will also have access to an island beach club in the Pearl Islands  opening later this year.

Trump became a believer in Panama’s future when his Miss Universe pageant came to Panama in 1986.