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Panama: “Where the World Meets” Campaign for more Investment

To solidify Panama’s position as the Business Hub of the Americas and to attract more foreign investment, Panama has launched  an advertising campaign designed to highlight the country as an attractive investment destination for U.S. investors by contrasting continued instability in international markets with Panama’s stable, growing and highly competitive economy. The first phase of the “Panama: Where The World Meets” campaign is being launched with full page ads in the Wall Street Journal, Politico and Roll Call newspapers and across a spectrum of online news sites promoting the country’s upgrade to an Investment Grade rating this year.

“Panama’s dollar economy, our infrastructure, our simplified tax structure and of course our location make us a great and attractive place for new investments and global economic development,” said Ricardo Martinelli, president of the Republic of Panama, in an introductory message on the campaign’s website,

Panama was rated as the 2nd most competitive economy in Latin America by the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011. It’s expected to almost double its GDP between 2009 and 2010 and the International Monetary Fund projects that Panama will have the fastest growing economy in Latin America by 2015.

During his first year in office, President Martinelli led a major tax reform effort that simplified structures and cut corporate rates and began implementing a 5-year, $13.6 billion infrastructure investment plan that will significantly modernize and diversify Panama’s strong logistics capabilities. The combination of those factors led to an upgrade in Panama’s sovereign debt rating to Investment Grad

Panama In the Top Ten New Dining Destinations-Huffington Post

Panama just won the ninth spot as a new dining destination. I couldn’t agree more. We have lived all over Latin America and I place Panama as # 3 for fine dining after Argentina and Brazil.  (Mexico has great Mexican food- but that’s it.)

Panama has an incredible variety of fine cuisine from Chinese, to seafood and  steak houses to Italian. Panama’s local cuisine gets top international accolades at places like Barrandas at the Bristol Hotel where the chef is award winning Cuquita Arias.  It is fun just thinking about where one can dine out in Panama City.

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Panama Now Gives Free Emergency Medical Insurance to Tourists Up to $20,000

If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Panama, you can travel feeling a little safer. Panama has just introduced a new program  that provides emergency medical insurance for tourists during the first 30 days of their stay.

Panama provides the service through the distribution of cards. All visitors who arrive  at Panama City’s Tocumen airport, can pick up a user card from the tourist information center. If an accident takes place during their visit, they simply have to present this card, along with their passport to receive care.

The insurance covers accidental death (up to $20,000,) hospitalization, medical expenses (up to $7,000,) and dental emergencies (up to $2,000.) The policy is provided by the insurance company Assicurazioni Generali, which has a contract with the government through next two years.
The insurance still won’t cover accidents due to negligence, caused by drugs or alcohol, or that resulted from extreme sports.