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Great News : New Six Month (180 Day) Panama Tourist Visa for Most Tourists

President Martinelli has signed an Executive Degree that all foreigners who do not require a visa- this includes all American and European citizens, effective now will get an automatic 180 days stay in Panama upon entering the country. Foreigners who enter Tocumen Airport are  receiving this 180 stay.

Eurasia Restaurant- Fusion Cuisine At Its Best

Our family just enjoyed  a truly  sumptuous meal including our hard-to-please older kids (age 19 and 21) . Eurasia is one of our favorite Panama City restaurants.  Why? First, because it’s because of the creative fusion cuisine. Eurasia  fusion means a bit of Asia, a bit of Panama ( the owner is Chinese-Panamanian)  and a bit of Europe- yummy.

It is hard to say which dish was better- my husband’s ginger corvina, my sour plum spare ribs, my son’s chicken malay and our daughter’s vegetarian pie.   These are all unique dishes with a combination of flavors hard to find anywhere else.

Second,  we love Eurasia is because of the  all-you-can-eat dessert buffet. If you love dessert- this is the place. For just $7.50 you can feast on the best carrot cake in Panama a rich chocolate cake more like a dark fudge, a delicious three leches (Panama’s most exquisite dessert)  plus pecan pie, flan, etc.

Third,  we love Eurasia  because of the decor- Eurasia has one of the best decors and ambiences in the city.

Owner Gloria Chu learned the joy of food at her own family table as a child.  Her joy in giving others joy through food permeates the Eurasia experience.

Nancy Hanna, President Panama Planner

Euroasia is located in Bella Vista.

It is open:Monday-Friday, 12:00pm-3:00pm and 7:00pm to 10:00pm.
Saturdays, 7:00pm to 10:00pm.
Sundays, closed.

Tel: 264-7859

Panama Becoming a Surf Destination: Hosts the World Surf Master Tournament Covered by ESPN/August 27-September 5th

Panama is seeking to position itself as a surfing destination and rightly so. Panama has some of the best surfing venues anywhere. A step in that direction is the upcoming World Surf Master Tournament in Santa Catalina. 20 countries will participate with 300 international guests. The event will be covered on ESPN,  Surf Line the most important surf webpage in the US  and Surf Magazine.  Panama is following Costa Rica which receives 1000 surfing tourists a day and is the third top surfing destination in the world.