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Clinica Ford Dental Spa- A Great Place to have a Root Canal and More

It is a cliche that no one likes to go to the dentist. However,  the Richard Ford Dental Spa makes going to the dentist as pleasant as can be.

I needed a root canal and I had been putting it off- dreading it based on one previous miserable experience.   I understood the English expression that something is just about “as fun as having a root canal.”   Time to change that expression.  I just had a root canal  at the Richard Ford Dental Spa- and it was painless and an  anazingly a good  experience.  The procedure was done by their  a “root canal specialist” – Dr. Kathy Turner. I could not be happier with this dentist.

Visiting Dr. Fords clinic for any dental procedure is a pleasure. The clinic uses  up-to-date technologies for  nearly painless dentistry..  Dr. Ford is  one of those very charming Panamanian professionals. He  speaks impeccable English and  is American trained . If he is not attending you directly he often  checks  in to say Hi,  with interest in what is going on with your procedure.

The facilities are all  designed to help you relax- a  beautiful, restful  decor, peaceful music and aromatherapy.   The staff are very attentive and you can feel they work as a team to make your dentist experience closer to a spa, than a dreaded  dental appointment.

The clinic is conveniently located in Marbella, in the Royal Center,  Call them at 223-4742

Panama Tourist Hotline- Just Dial 178

Panama’s Tourism Ministry has established a tourism hotline for all  tourists in Panama.  Now tourists  have somewhere to call for tourist information and  for any special problems- for example  if they are lost, been robbed or are having a problem with police etc.  Hotline operators speak four languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.  The number to call is 178.

Congrats to the new Tourism Ministry for this important initiative to help  tourists.

Villa Marita in Boquete: A Great Place to Stay and What a Host

Every year our family spends a few days  in Boquete during the Christmas break and we usually stay at Villa Marita. We love Villa Marita for a number of reasons- starting with it’s location-  a few minutes from downtown Boquete up  on a mountainside plateau with spectacular views  of Volcan Baru.  I so look forward to every  morning there as  we enjoy a delicious  buffet breakfast and look up at views of the volcano. That terrace has beautiful views  throughout the day rain or shine and usually ends with a  beautiful sunset.

If this is your first trip to Boquete, Villa Marita is a good place to stay because its owner and host is Rodrigo Marciaq is  a very knowledgeable  who is always generous with his time in orienting gueets.   He  is up early  attending to  guests with questions about the anything and connecting them to where they want to go and what they want to see.

Villa Marita has reasonably priced individual chalets  with sitting rooms and a  private terrace  with a view. The grounds are  beautifully landscaped grounds with many flowers and trees. The large social area is comfy, with free wifi and internet, views and free coffee, hot chocolate and teas 24 hours a day.This is the perfect place for families with kids of all ages.

Rodrigo, a Panamanian with impeccable English is a graduate of Texas A & M. He epitomizes the many Panamanians who understand and truly enjoy foreigners. He has also has  a hydroponic farm next door and is  happy to show guests this revolutionary kind of agriculture- so you can throw in  some agro-tourism here as well.