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A Napa Valley style Coffee Farm Tour in Boquete

Boquete offers amazing coffee farm experiences.  We just went with  Boquete Safari Tours on their  a new Three Coffee Estates tour, which perfectly  showcases the Boquete coffee experience. The tour takes you to three very different estate coffee farms to taste three kinds of coffee and experience three uniquely Boquete coffee farms. One farm is a simple one by a humble  farmer who is a kind of local genius, another a more sophisticated farm by a longstanding Panamanian grower and finally a  small totally organic farm run by an American couple who grow and harvest according to the lunar cycles just Latin America’s ancient civilizations have. At each farm you do a professional tasting to savor the different coffees and take short farm tour.  The tour takes you all around upper Boquete and the mountain views and scenary are beautiful. Highly recommended.

Make No Mistake! Boquete and Bocas are Now Open for Tourism Business

Both Boquete and Bocas have recovered from the recent heavy rains and are open and ready for your toursim business. Please find below a report from Bocas- you will see that Bocas is now ready to receive tourists.


Boquete is Ready for Tourists: I just spent 3 days in Boquete where I visited all the tourism areas.The road from David to Boquete is in perfect condition. The new bridge across the Caldera River is also in perfect shape. Everything in Boquete is gloriously green and fresh after all that rain. It is a great time to go now to both Boquete and Bocas.


Report: Bocas is Ready for Tourists

The Bocas Archipelago is relatively unscathed from recent weather calamities in our region. Compared to the Bocas Del Toro Provincia mainland, which suffered substantial damage, our living conditions remain in a normal status.

Today, the road is open. We are currently able to truck all commodities and, every 30-minutes, bus all travelers.

Our major problem is perception. Tourists, wishing to visit the Bocas Archipelago, have inaccurate information regarding our preparedness to accommodate them. News media are not differentiating between the Bocas Del Toro Provincia mainland and the Bocas Archipelago, leading to the erroneous belief that the Archipelago is in a disaster condition. That perception is very far for reality. As said, the only difficulty in the Archipelago has been temporary supply interruption.

Be assured, Bocas is open for business. Be informed, all hotels, restaurants, shops, water sports and eco activities are ready to serve guests.

There are no reported deaths or injuries on Isla Bocas or other archipelago islas caused by recent heavy rains.

Bocas Bomberos report no significant emergencies or damages from fire or flood.

We have piped water; while the system is being upgraded, water in some areas may be off for a few hours. We have electricity, with enough fuel to run the power plant for at least one month.

We have land line and cellular phone service, Internet connection, and cash in ATM’s.

We have ample propane gas in tanks. Gasoline for cars and motored boats is arriving at our two stations in frequency and quantities sufficient to serve our needs.

Stores are well stocked with fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, staple foods and bottled water. Supply may run low, depending on deliverability, but lately we have not run out of anything.

Our two water taxi services offer transit to/from Almirante every half-hour; service to Changuinola is suspended pending canal clearing.

Aeroperlas, AirPanama, NatureAir offer regular scheduled flights in/out in good weather. Service is meeting travelers’ needs. No passengers are stranded at our airport.

Our medicine supply is well stocked by Panama Health Ministry; other health aids are available at private pharmacies. Recently and now, there are no health hazards anywhere in Panama.

Rancho de Caldera: Fabulous New Luxury Eco-Retreat in Boquete

Just spent the weekend in an important new eco-destination for Panama- Rancho de Caldera Eco-Retreat in Boquete.  A friend had told me it was “fabulous” and she was right. Where to start? Created by American couple Gina and Chris McCall , the setting is idealic with sweeping mountain panoramic views.  The architecture is a delight in a warm, modern style taking advantage of the  the great vistas at every point with dining terrace, conference room and the cabins with all with panoramic mountain views. All the cabins have a 20 foot wall of glass facing the  mountains to the east, allowing for some spectacular sunrise views from the comfort of bed.  Add to that luxury finishings, a spacious balcony and more amenities that I have seen anywhere in Panama including free wireless internet, an  electric massage chair in each cabin, ipod docking stations, comfy furniture, a complete kitchen, lots of  deck furniture  and of course flat screen TVs with Direct TV.

Another big attraction of Rancho de Caldera is the chef- a delightful Frenchman named Claude who fusses over you and makes the most mouthwatering meals.  Claude has 30 years of experience as a chef for cruiselines and top hotels and it shows.  All our meals were memorable.

Rancho de Calderas will soon be open for lunch so if you want to check it out and  have a great lunch with views and pristine nature, go for a lunch.

And this is also a real eco-lodge- Power is provided with a combination of solar panels, hydro-electric generators and wind power. There is a small organic garden and will soon be  an eco-greenhouse with locally grown bamboo to provide vegetables and herbs for the restaurant.

This is the ideal place for a romantic getaway close to nature but with all the comforts you could want and also a great place for a small business meeting or a personal retreat. The resort is about 20 minutes on the Caldera turnoff before you arrive at the town of  Boquete.

Call them at  (507) 772-8040. (507) 6612-2147. (507) 6612-8716.