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New Survey: Panama City # 2 in Safety and Quality of Life in Latin America/ #1 in Central America

The multinational consulting firm Mercer according to press reports today, just released a study in which Panama City is rated as # 2 in Latin America and for safety and quality of life. It is # 1 in Central America. (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is # 1/San Jose, Costa Rica is #8. )

(The study included San Juan Puerto Rico which is rated # 1, but as Puerto Rico is not generally considered a Latin American country, Panama takes the first place. )

This survey confirms what many multinationals and individuals have already concluded- Panama City is the best place for their regional HQ- among those who have come recently to set up HQ are Dell, Hewitt Packard, Proctor & Gamble, Caterpillar, 3M, the United Nations, and I just heard Frito Lay is coming.

Panama City is far from perfect….especially traffic problems can be intense, but aside from that Panama City is a great place for international corporations, families and individuals. It is one of the safest cities anywhere if you follow rules of common sense that apply to cities everywhere, ie don’t walk around at night in a poor area.)There is a variety of fine neighborhoods to choose from, the best food and appliance shopping in Latin America, 3 major new shopping malls, lots of reasonably priced excellent restaurants and for vacationing many attractive beach and mountain destinations. Not to mention the Panamanian people themselves-accustomed to foreigners, friendly, helpful and warm.

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