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Trip Advisor: Panama City One of the Top 10 Restaurant Destinations in Latin America

Panama Named in the Top 10 Food & Wine Destinations

Panama City is finally getting the recognition it deserves for its many fine restaurants and amazing seafood.

Panama named in the Top 10 Food & Wine destinations It has been  named in the Top 10 Destinations for Food & Wine in Central and South America by Trip Advisor. As the largest community of tourism and travel information in the world, Trip Advisor has a wide range of views from the worlds most experienced travellers. In this sense, they were able to do a profound study and name Panama as a top destination for Food and Wine. Trip Advisor emphasized the seafood Panama as one of the great treats. They labeled seafood plates as “magnificent”, noting that the Chefs in Panama have the peculiar capacity of serving seafood dishes from the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean while still preserving amazing freshness. Additionally, Trip Advisor highlights the Panamanian “ceviche” as a delicatessen seldom seen in other regions or countries. With exquisite taste of fresh sea bass, “Corvina Ceviche” is one of the most delicious seafood dishes. This is a small plate of fish seasoned with lime juice and spices, like no other.

The stew locally called “Sancocho” is also featured in Trip Advisor. This is described as a chicken stew made ​​from cassava and yams. They mention the Sancocho to be another incredible mouth watering dish.

The following is how Trip Advisor describes Panama:

“This multicultural city full of contrasts, with almost 1.3 million people, offers much more than the obligatory visit to the Canal. The slums are crowded with glittering towers. The old city is a maze of picturesque churches, plazas and palaces. 25 km from the city center are the National Sovereignty Park, the perfect place for hiking and birdwatching. To enjoy superb views over the canal, take a taxi or bus to Miraflores Visitor Center and do not miss naval traffic.”

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