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Newsweek: “Canopy Tower is one of the Premier Ecotourism Experiences in the World”

Canopy Tower Triumphs Again and Again

Puts Panama on the Map for Nature and Birding

You and Your Family Should Go

Congratulations to Canopy Tower and Raul Arias de Para. His amazing Canopy Tower has won more accolades than any other Panama tourism destination.

It doesn’t stop. Among other articles, Canopy Tower was recently featured in Newsweek magazine which has the largest circulation of any news magazine in the US.

Raul is now promoting nature experience tours.

If you and your family haven’t  yet  been to Canopy Tower, I recommend it.  It’s  the best nature experience in Panama and according to the international press, one of the best in the world.  It’s also close- less than an hour from Panama City. Nancy

Recent Press About Canopy Tower

Going to the Birds

Newsweek November 2010

Today, a stay at the Canopy Tower is one of the premier ecotourism experiences in the world

Canopy Tower can be described only as a place where everyone falls in love with birds

You emerge through a hatch onto the observation deck, a dazzling 360-degree open-air walkway around the dome that provides a panoramic view of the rainforest canopy. Birder, bird watcher, nonbirder—on that deck it doesn’t matter, because the birds are all there, right in front of you at eye level. It is impossible not to be drawn in. My mom and I saw scores of avian species, but also howler monkeys, sloths, tamarins, all kinds of bats and butterflies—as well as freight ships making their way through the Panama Canal—without taking more than a few steps one way or another.

Los Angeles Times

One of the top 14 hotels in the world

The scene: Nirvana for birders and jungle junkies in the forest at Soberania National Park.

New York Times: October, 2009

Open the window of your room and probably less than 40 feet away are hundreds of bird species. “It’s incredible that you have such wilderness so close to the city

Some bird-watchers were saying that here, in a matter of days, they had seen as many species as they had in many other countries on many different occasions combined. The diversity is amazing.”

The Fodors 2010 Choice Award

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