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Clinica Ford Dental Spa- A Great Place to have a Root Canal and More

It is a cliche that no one likes to go to the dentist. However,  the Richard Ford Dental Spa makes going to the dentist as pleasant as can be.

I needed a root canal and I had been putting it off- dreading it based on one previous miserable experience.   I understood the English expression that something is just about “as fun as having a root canal.”   Time to change that expression.  I just had a root canal  at the Richard Ford Dental Spa- and it was painless and an  anazingly a good  experience.  The procedure was done by their  a “root canal specialist” - Dr. Kathy Turner. I could not be happier with this dentist.

Visiting Dr. Fords clinic for any dental procedure is a pleasure. The clinic uses  up-to-date technologies for  nearly painless dentistry..  Dr. Ford is  one of those very charming Panamanian professionals. He  speaks impeccable English and  is American trained . If he is not attending you directly he often  checks  in to say Hi,  with interest in what is going on with your procedure.

The facilities are all  designed to help you relax- a  beautiful, restful  decor, peaceful music and aromatherapy.   The staff are very attentive and you can feel they work as a team to make your dentist experience closer to a spa, than a dreaded  dental appointment.

The clinic is conveniently located in Marbella, in the Royal Center,  Call them at 223-4742

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