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US-Panama Flights are Up/ Panama Now Makes More Money on Tourism than Costa Rica

Panama is just not feeling the effects of the economic downturn like most places.  American Airlines reports that flights to and from Panama are are up 7.8% so far this year and that they will soon add another Miami-Panama flight. Continental is also up and they will soon add another Houston flight.

Also, hotelier expert Fidel Reyes ofFR Consulting tells me that Panama is now making more money on tourism than Costa Rica. Panama has less tourists but those tourists spend more. The reason for this of course is that most of Panama’s tourists are businessmen coming to Panama City and businessmen spend more money than regular tourists. Panama has several megaprojects starting up including the 5 billion dollar expansion of the Panama Canal. It is also is increasingly business capital of the Americas, especially since businesses can no longer get visas for their employees for meetings in the States with any consistency.


Nancy Hanna

President Panama Planner

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