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Rainforest Designs- Cameos Made in Panama and Praised Internationally

One of my very favorite choices for a really special jewelry gift are the cameos of Rainforest Design. The stunning pieces which can be a necklace, pennant or pin are each totally with a exotic tropical flor or fauna design. I get more comments on this jewelry than anything I own.

Rainforest Design, a Panamanian company is gaining international praise for the quality, beauty and design of its cameo jewelry. Adding to their authenticity, these Panamanian treasures are carved by the Woonan Indians of Panama’s rainforest, the famous craftsman of figurines of tagua and cocabolo.

Owner Roslyn Zelenca recently showed me the latest edition of the world cameo guide, Cameos Old and New. Her Rainforest Design cameos merited praise and two pages in this prestigious guide. Rainforest Design Cameos also received an Award for Artistic Excellence from Panama’s Ministry of Commerce.

Rainforest Design Cameos can be found in the gift shop of the Panama Marriott, the Duty Free shop on Amador Causeway and at Canopy Tower. Check out their website at

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