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Panama City Restaurant Favorites: La Posta- Fine Tropical “Market Cuisine” and Ambience

La Posta is one of the most popular restaurants in Panama City and rightly so. Located in a historical home in the quaint Bella Vista section of Panama City, La Posta has modern tropical gourmet cuisine that makes it a hit with both the upscale Panamanian crowd and with visitors. A US ambassador a few years back, a  woman once told me she loved La Posta so much she wanted to “live there”. Owner David Henessey hails from New York and most recently had a famous restaurant  in Cartagena.

Last week I  had lunch at La Posta  and was delighted with some old and new dishes. To begin with THE BREAD.  La Posta serves two breads. These breads- one white and one whole wheat  ( one of the very few restaurants that serves a whole grain bread) are  so delicious that I was almost satisfied just with the bread.  I don’t know what herbs they put in the bread- very delicate- but it is now my favorite bread.

Then I had my La Posta favorite main dish which is “corvina and vegetables cooked in paper”. I have never had a dish quite like this one- the corvina ( Panama’s best fish- succulent white meat with no fishy taste) is cooked to perfection with some vegetables wrapped in a small paper bag that you open yourself once it is served.  The fish is  tender, the flavorings so delicate and the taste delicious.  This  dish is also not hard on the waistline. That leaves room for dessert and I was very happy to see La Posta had some new desserts-  at my friends recommendation I tried “Helado Express” . I am a dessert fan and loved this new dessert which consisted of homemade delicate, crispy  cookie biscuits with a scoop of coffee ice cream covered in a homemade chocolate sauce. I could not have been happier with this dining experience.

What are your favorite dishes at La Posta?

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