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Bargain Shopping in Panama- The Amazing Albrook Mall

I am not sure what is happening but it seems to me that USA companies must be dumping merchandise unsold in the States in Panama where it is being sold at well below cost prices. You can find these amazing bargains at Albrook Mall-name brand American clothes for 20%-30% of the original price. For example Christmas , we bought beautiful cashmere wool scarves with a Macy’s price tag on them of $68.00 for 6 bucks. My daughters bought lovely blouses for one or two dollars and costume jewelry for the same. Liz Claiboure suits originally $290.00 are $99.00 and sometimes less. The best stores for name brank clothing bargains are Dorians and BMB. Dorians is very large and you have to hunt for name brand items. Just about everything BMB sells is a well known name brand. If you don’t care about name brands, there are endless clothing bargains and household items bargains in other stores like Madisons and Costco and Titan and Conway.

Albrook Mall is very crowded on weekends. We recommend you go to Albrook Mall on a weekday or in the morning on a weekend. It opens at 10am.

Please tell me about some of your favorite bargain places in Panama.

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